About HEY!

Our organization aims to enlighten and guide students as they strive for their future success. At HEY!, we foster a comfortable space for students to share ideas, ask questions, and express fears. Our curriculum is individually tailored to the students of the schools we partner with. This includes tailoring curricula to the needs of special populations. By working with staff to coordinate educational plans, we ensure the cohesive dissemination of information for the students. This, in turn, allows the students to seamlessly gain a deeper insight to their health and wellness, while exploring possibilities for their own growth.  

HEY! has five main components:

1. Health Education

2. Nutrition & Physical Education

3. Mentoring

4. Stigma Elimination

5. Community Service 


1. Health Education 

Through the use of online materials, in-person seminars and informational activities, students will explore the human body in depth. The lesson plans will analyze the systems at a level higher than that of the standard high school education. Anatomy is analyzed per lesson and applied to relevant issues in adolescent lives. 


2. Nutrition & Physical Education 

Through the use of online materials, in-person seminars and informational activities, students will explore the fundamental principles of nutrition. Students will receive an overview of metabolic pathways and the role of nutrition and exercise in overall health and wellness. 


3. Mentoring 

Through the use of online materials, students will be given access to mentors within varying fields. These mentors are young professionals in their respective fields who are looking to expose the students to new opportunities. Networking is a vital tool which instills confidence in students for professional settings.  


4. Stigma Elimination 

HEY!'s open-forum style has been constructed to ensure the flow of discussion. We highly encourage diversity as we believe that stigmas, biases and negativity often stem from ignorance; not hatred. By shedding light on sensitive topics, we strive to eliminate stigmas. 


5. Community Service 

Community service opportunities will be presented to the students monthly. We offer an array of outlets in which the students can invest their time, with genuine interest. As HEY! is a nonprofit organization based on the tenant of helping others, we strongly encourage students to join our efforts.