Classroom Materials

Mentor Signup Sheet

HEY! Info Handout

Conflict Resolution

Bye Bully (LP, Handout)

Conflict Resolution (LP, Handout)

How to Express Emotions (LP, Handout)

Overcoming Fears (LP, Handout)

Public Speaking (LP, Handout)

Social Anxiety (LP, Handout)

Speaking (LP, Handout)



Opioids (LP, Handout)

Marijuana (LP, Handout)

Prescription Medications (LP, Handout)

Holistic Options for Pain Management (LP, Handout)

Drug Awareness Lesson Plan, Handout (LP, Handout)

Coping with Addition (LP, Handout)

Alcohol (LP, Handout)



Catabolic and Anabolic Pathways (General Overview) (LP, Handout)

Injury and Injury Prevention (LP, Handout)

Krebs Cycle/ Citric Acid Cycle (LP, Handout)

Glycolosis (LP, Handout)

Aerobic and Anaerobic (LP, Handout)

Puberty and Its Impact On Growth (LP, Handout)

Respiration (General Overview) (LP, Handout)

Healthy Tips to Stay Fit- Students (LP, Handout)

Yoga/ Pilates (LP, Handout)

Stay Active! (LP, Handout)


Financial Literacy

Jobs and School (LP, Handout)

Budgeting (LP, Handout)

Loans (LP, Handout)

Savings (LP, Handout) 

Scholarships (LP, Handout)

Stocks and Investments (LP, Handout)

Taxes (LP, Handout)



Anatomy (LP, Handout)

Cardiology (LP, Handout)

Dermatology (LP, Handout)

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol (LP, Handout)

Endocrinology (LP, Handout)

Gastroenterology (LP, Handout)

Gynecology (LP, Handout)

Myology (LP, Handout)

Neurology (LP, Handout)

Osteology (LP, Handout)

Psychology and Mental Health (LP, Handout)

Puberty (LP, Handout)

Urology (General) Urology (Boys) (LP, Handout)

Reproductive & Sexual Health (LP, Handout)



Caloric Consumption (LP, Handout)

Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins (LP, Handout)

Food Sources (LP, Handout)

How To Be A Smarter Eater (LP, Handout)

Let’s Plan To Eat Healthier (LP, Handout)

My Plate (LP, Handout)

Nutrition and Disease (LP, Handout)

Nutrition and Its Impact on Disease (LP, Handout)

Nutritional Requirements (LP, Handout)

Sweet Sweet Sugar (LP, Handout)

The Digestive System (LP, Handout)

Vitamins and Minerals (LP, Handout)



Assignment Overload? Let’s Prioritize (LP, Handout)

Back To School, The Right Way (LP, Handout)

College Selection- The Important Keys (LP, Handout)

Exploring Your Educational Interests (LP, Handout)

Study Tips and Tricks (LP, Handout)


Relationships and Sex

Are You Truly Ready For Dating? (LP, Handout)

Diseases and Prevention (LP, Handout)

Friendships (LP, Handout)

Relationships- Overview (LP, Handout)

Let’s Be Honest About Sexuality (LP, Handout)

Mental Health (LP, Handout)

Self Love- You Come First (LP, Handout)

Sex Health Overview (LP, Handout)



Depression and Suicide (LP, Handout)

Developing You (LP, Handout)

Meditation (LP, Handout)

Mental Health (LP, Handout)

Optimize Your Sleep (LP, Handout)

Self-Harm (LP, Handout)

SMART Goals (LP, Handout)

Social Media and It’s Influence On Your Daily Life (LP, Handout)

Stigmas- How They Develop And How To End Them (LP, Handout)

Stress Management (LP, Handout)

The Nonchalant Approach To Life (LP, Handout)

Time Management (LP, Handout)