Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with all your homework and tests coming up? Check out these superfoods to help you relieve some of that stress. WAIT. What's a superfood? Superfoods are foods and snacks that are high in nutrients and you need nutrients for a balanced and healthy diet. Superf...

Did you know that according to old Food and Drug Administration Health and Nutrition Guidelines, Poptarts could have been considered healthy while avocados couldn’t? WHAT?!  In case you’ve forgotten, Poptarts are the rectangular shaped, sugar frosted, food item filled with strawberry filling or othe...

So it’s the beginning of the New Year and you’ve had the big [food] conversation with your parents. Now you want to jump-start your diet and nutrition goals for the New Year and set the tone right! But where do you start?!  For beginners it’s not uncommon to be unsure where to begin.

Rest assured, yo...

Everyone struggles on where and how to start to eat healthy! Especially at a young age where most of the food that is given to you is bought and/or given to you by your parents. It’s hard to eat healthy when you’re not the gatekeeper of the “good” and “bad” food that enters your home. However, there...

ATLANTA - The health habits kids form early on in childhood can shape who they become, and what they do, as adults. Yet a recent study by the American Heart Association shows many U-S children are coming up short when it comes to their heart health.

The Heart Association reco...

Did you know broccoli is a superfood? Superfoods are nutrient rich foods that pack a big punch! Broccoli is full of vitamin A, B1 & B6, C, E, iron, calcium, antixoidants.... You can just keep listing! 

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