Our Advisors

Keilani Alafava

Relationship Advisor

Hey everyone!

My name is Keilani, and I am humbled to be a part of this amazing organization!

I am a recent graduate of the University of Washington and currently pursuing two master’s degrees in Business Administration and Human Resources (MBA-MAHR). I  am also Miss Washington World 2016.

Aside from my professional career, I have a deep passion for helping my community and writing. I do a lot of work within my Polynesian community with education summits, cultural awareness events, and offering free tutoring/college prep at local schools. I am in training for advocacy and outreach at YWCA Pierce County to reach and advocate for victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

My passion for writing has always been my first love. I like to speak upon personal experiences and topics that may be hard for people to open up about, but are important for people to understand or think of. I have written about my personal experience with domestic violence, and I ended up finding a hidden passion for reaching people like me, and helping people understand what healthy love truly is.

So, here I am! Humbled and blessed to combine all of my passions together. I am thankful to be here for any questions/commentary by being your relationship counselor and advisor for HEY! Below is a link to my blog, and my personal email for any questions or comments you all may have. Please feel free to contact me whenever, and I am looking forward to meeting all of you! 

Meshach Cisero

Culinary Arts Advisor

Hey Everyone!

I'm Meshach also known as Chef Cisero and I've been cooking and creating recipes since age 12. I was born in Springfield, MA and grew up in a single parent house in an urban neighborhood. This is where I learned the art of hustling to get my own way through the intricacies of life. I did not attend culinary school to be a classically trained Chef. Instead, I attended the George Washington University and received a degree in business. I've trained through volunteering in restaurants both domestic and abroad. 

I specialize in cooking "naked". Meaning using ingredients in their most raw and natural forms to create some of your most familiar dishes. This includes everything from blending spice to procuring the free range and organic raised proteins. It is so important to show young men and women the importance of healthy meals and educate on how to access quality foods. I look forward to woking with this organization and please follow my work on Instagram @chefcisero .


Malik Stevens

Physical Fitness Advisor, CPT

Hey Everyone! It’s Malik and I am very excited to be here.  I love what HEY is all about and I love the fact that we are all working towards becoming better versions of ourselves.  Originally, I am from the United States Virgin Islands, but I have been living in the DMV area since 2009.  I attended Georgetown University where I majored in Psychology and minored in African American Studies and currently I am working toward my Masters of Science in Health Promotion Management at American University.  I eat, sleep and breathe fitness and my life’s goal is to inspire, educate, and influence others to live stronger and healthier lives.  Thus, being a part of this awesome team makes perfect sense. Here, I can use my knowledge and passion for health and fitness to influence the next generation. 


In addition to being a student, I am also a certified personal trainer and I currently coach at Orangetheory Fitness in Arlington, VA.  While most of my influence now occurs through social media, I one day would love to have my own gym and even appear on bigger platforms with my message of health and fitness.  I look forward to working with everyone that is a part of this organization and hopefully, my message of health and fitness can influence you to make some healthy and positive changes in your own life and community.    

Yaya Genfi

Health Advisor, RN

Bio Coming Soon.

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