Feet. Yup that's right, feet.

Why is it that no one likes feet? It's almost like any time someone mentions they like feet they get clowned for having a foot fetish or being weird! (I bet you said ew just reading that).

On a serious note, your feet are extremely important to the overall alignment of your body. See everything in your body is connected. Remember "the hip bone's connected to the thigh bone. The thigh bone's connected to the leg bone"? And so on and so forth. That's very real. The average human has 26 bones in one ankle and foot. That's ALOT of bones. These bones are of various shapes and sizes and those characteristics determine the vitality and function. Before we get into detail about each bone, let's reflect on what a bone is.

Thanks to our handy friends at Miriam Webster Dictionary we know that a bone is any one of the hard pieces that form the frame, called a skeleton, inside a person's body. Bones can be flat or irregular. They can be short or long. Even spongy or cortical.

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